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When the priority is to provide massive value to the prospects before gaining them as a client, then deals close easier and more opportunities arise. 

We help businesses get on top podcast shows and get featured on some of the biggest news publication websites, so they can produce and distribute high-value content in order to gain trust, credibility, and become a top leader in their industry.   
What We Do.
Podcast Exposure
  •  Podcast Interviews: When you have a brand that’s been featured on top podcasts alongside other top brands in your space, then that puts you on the same level as those other top brands. For instance, if a host invited you on his podcast, and he’s previously had Gary Vaynerchuk, afterwards you would have something in common with other guests he had like Gary. 
  • Raise Your Profile: As you know, credibility and authority are massively important when it comes to gaining rapport with new clients. People have to be able to trust that you’re an expert in your space and know, without a doubt, that you can help them and bring them huge value. 
  • Long Term Investing: Not only are you building relationships for the future, but you’re also building a bridge between your brand and the podcast’s audience.
News Publication Coverage
  •  Top Tier Websites: We've gotten our clients exposure on Entrepreneur.com, Inc.com, TechCrunch.com, Business Insider.com, and HuffingtonPost.com just to name a few. We are so confident in our network and work that we guarantee placement within 90 days or your money back. 
  •  Spreading The Word: Getting featured on a top website for having a great company is one thing, but where the big results come in is when you start to distribute that exposure to your prospects. Telling your closest pending prospects about the top news coverage that your brand received in an email blast or video ad is an incredibly powerful way to build the trust and credibility needed to close the deal with them.
Content Creation
  •  Copywriting: Blogs and news articles that are informative, educational, entertaining and overall highly shareable. 
  •  Video: Converting blogs and podcasts into videos that get thousands of views is something we excel at. 
  •  Graphic Design: Creating logos, ad designs for all formats, infographics,  t-shirts, promo products, and restaurant menus are all in our team's wheelhouse.  
  • Social Images: Creating quote cards and highly engaging images are where we shine.   
  •  Landing Pages: Creating landing pages that convert cold traffic into leads and customers is what we love to do. 
  •  Facebook Ads: We've found that the better our creative is in our Facebook ads, the better the sales funnel performs. 
Content Distribution
  •  Facebook Ads: This is by far our best performing platform for distributing the content our clients own. At reasonable prices, we're able to reach thousands of people that are most likely to consume the content, click through to landing pages, and eventually convert into clients/customers. 
  •  Social Channels (Organic): Using platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, we're able to get our client's content in front of the people we need to in order to position the brand as best as possible.   
  •  News Websites: Over the years, we've built relationships with various contributing writers at many of the top ranking news websites out there. Keeping these relationships strong, as well as building new ones is what we do on a daily basis. It all comes back to content and when you have some great stuff, then people welcome sharing it with open arms. 
Press Packages
  • Package 1: 1 Article
  • One Full Feature
  •  Money Back Guarantee
  • Package 2:  3 Articles
  • 3 Full Features
  •  Money Back Guarantee
  • Package 3:  5 Articles
  • 5 Full Features
  •  Money Back Guarantee
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Sample Placement

Sample Placement
Sample Placement

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Hi, my name is Jennifer Spencer.  I am so happy to introduce Energent Media a full-service media agency dedicated to sharing your story with the world.  Our company takes your brand and energizes it through the use of your personal story and experience. We establish you as a thought leader in your space, one that contributors feature now and in future stories to come. 

Unless you have the time to pitch and network constantly you probably don’t have immediate access to PR. So how do you make your brand visible? We have created a team highly skilled in both content creation and PR to do just that. We have and continue to build out our network of top publication contributors, bloggers, tv, radio, and podcast hosts that will give your content and brand that extra push.

Think of us as your company’s PR department. Our team of writers has contributed to major online publications including Addicted2Success, Influencive, Social Media Examiner, Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.  So we know what angles work and will give you the most ROI. We also have successfully placed clients on these and many more publications and podcasts…
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