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Everyone Want’s to be In Forbes, TechCrunch, & Inc.

In order to make a splash in the industry and generate press coverage, Crypto and Web3 companies must overcome a slew of obstacles. Most don’t know where to start. Enter our team of PR professionals with deep experience in securing top-tier media placements, who will work with you to develop the angles and content needed for success.

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We’re A Nontraditional Tech PR Agency

Since its inception, Energent Media has specifically tailored its PR and content writing talent towards tech startups and companies in the blockchain industry — building a portfolio of clients who can tap into both short-term, project-based packages and longer-term retainers. Whether it’s getting featured on top-tier publications, writing bylines, or being mentioned as an industry expert — Energent Media has you covered.

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We’ve Heard the Horror Stories

After countless interactions with business owners and PR directors, we got tired of hearing the same old thing. What’s that thing, you ask? Well, to be blunt, it’s something along the lines of: “Our current PR company promised us the sun, the moon and the stars, and gave us the shaft.” With this and similar horror stories in mind, we created a PR model that works, and is designed to find a solution that uniquely works for you.

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We’re all about performance.

If you are looking for a PR firm to share your crypto/blockchain company’s story with the world, then look no further! Our unique model is built to achieve your PR goals with a package that works for you. Our project-based and retainer models are designed with you in mind, and our team’s curated relationships with top technology, blockchain and business publications enable us to provide you with truly unmatched service.

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More cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house team.

Building media connections takes time — fortunately, we’ve been at it for years. By leveraging the powerful connections that we have built in the business and startup publication world, we’re able to masterfully craft and deliver PR campaigns that work for your bottom line.

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A PR company that guarantees results

You heard us right. In addition to our retainer packages, we also offer project-based packages with guaranteed deliverables. Whether you have an announcement you want publicized, or are simply looking for an alternative PR model, we are here to help!


Our Clients Have Been Featured In These Publications (and many more) 

What Our Clients Say

Jennifer is responsive and knows how to deliver RESULTS!

I love working with Jennifer because she doesn’t need much information to deliver results. She can run with what we have and improve on the angles so that we can secure coverage. She’s a true asset to any company and I’m glad to be working with her.
Steve Young

Jennifer Spencer is amazingly efficient and delivers results. Jennifer has consistently impressed me. She is the best public relations person I’ve ever worked with and I am excited to work together more in the future. Jennifer helped me secure coverage on several major podcasts. One of the podcast placements led to me being featured in Forbes. Truly incredible job.

Daniel Wallock

Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with. She has great connections, works hard and comes in everyday with a plan. The advice and strategies that she has shared cannot be measured in money. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their brand recognition.

Nathan Hirsch

10/10 recommend Jen as a solid person to know in blockchain industry. She’s been incredibly helpful to Lunar Digital Asset’s PR moves!

Roc Zacharias

I spent a lot of time researching a company who could help us with PR and am really glad I chose who I did.  The Energent team did amazing work, super fast, super responsive.

Jeff Minnichbach
Owner & Founder at No Limit Creatives

Had a blast working with Jennifer and Energent Media! They delivered on time on a difficult task and I would HIGHLY recommend them to all of my friends (which I already have done)

Trevor Koverko
CEO @ Polymath

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Leadership Team

Guiding the way for your PR campaign

Jennifer Spencer


Daniel Spencer


Elliot Ledley

PR Director

Sam Forthofer

Operations Lead

Emily Chuba

 Account Manager

Noah Mathis 

Account Manager

Marjore Barros

Account Manager

Alexander England

Account Manager


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