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How to Win Over Angel Investors

If you’re an early-stage startup entrepreneur, and in need of external funding, odds are that you’re looking into angel investors that are worth reaching out to. In doing so, it’s important to bear in mind that it’ll take a lot more than a good one-liner to get them interested in you and your product. Angel…
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Why Blockchain PR is an Absolute Must

The blockchain industry is exploding. From Bitcoin to hospital record keeping to artificial intelligence, the capabilities are proving to extend across every industry and across the globe. Crypto startups and blockchain based businesses are popping up every day. The ideas are revolutionary, but sadly many will never make it. Perhaps it is the overwhelming number…
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7 Reasons your Blockchain Biz Needs to be in the Media Right Now

If you’ve picked up a newspaper, magazine or opened your internet browser, you likely already know that blockchain technology is on fire. It is one of the fastest growing industries across the world. With startups popping up with blockchain based solutions to almost every application you can think of, how does one get funded and…
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