Month: October 2019

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Bitcoin Mining Industry Hones in on Texas Amid Flurry of Recent Developments

Bitcoin’s mining industry has transformed from a dispersed set of hobbyists extracting large sums of bitcoin from the protocol with CPUs to a vast confluence of innovative hardware manufacturers, pools, and upstart technology firms pushing the limits of ASIC mining.  Bitcoin mining has industrialized at a daringly rapid pace.  As the industrialization of the bitcoin…
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Why Bitcoin’s Next Halving Event Is It’s Most Significant Yet

Bitcoin’s halving events are when the block reward issuance is sliced in half every 210,000 blocks, which equates to roughly every four years. An integral part of Bitcoin’s overall economic and incentive structure, the halving events are the pivotal moment that is the manifestation of Bitcoin’s deflationary stature — with its capped supply at 21…
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The Utility of Bitcoin Continues to Surface as Global Geopolitical & Monetary Events Raise Concerns

Tulip Mania was a flashpoint in the Dutch Golden Age, where the price of the Tulip flower soared to meteoric levels before crashing in an epic bubble of historic proportions. A scarce good at the time, Tulips sparked some of the original debates about speculative economic bubbles and what constitutes the intrinsic value of an…
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