Month: March 2019

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Bitcoin Mining Indicators Point to Potential Market Turnaround

Proof-of-work (PoW) is a fundamental component of Bitcoin that is critical to its long-term sustainability and capacity to create unforgeable costliness. The mining market subsequently functions as a marked indicator of the overall health and security of the network while also proving a useful metric from which to gauge Bitcoin’s spot price momentum. Besides the…
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Cosmos Launches Amid Interoperability Hype and Proof-of-Stake Hopes

Cosmos — the proclaimed ‘Internet of Blockchains’ — officially launched its main network hub, known as the Cosmos Hub, towards the end of last week. The launch is a significant event for the broader cryptocurrency industry, as it is not only one of the first full-scale proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus cryptocurrencies to go live, but it…
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The Endemic Problem of Wash Trading With Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One year has passed since Sylvain Ribes shed a spotlight on the extent of wash trading among major cryptocurrency exchanges, detailing his belief that more than $3 billion in volume in early 2018 was fabricated. Specifically, Ribes identified OKex as the primary culprit, responsible for nearly 93 percent of its volume non-existent. Since then, the…
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Blockstream Satellite Revealing the Potential of a Future Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin’s unveiling as a decentralized, and censorship-resistant form of currency for the digital era was revolutionary enough in itself. However, the emergence of some recent developments like Blockstream Satellite and propagating Bitcoin transactions via HAM radio have pushed the narrative towards science fiction. The potential of a diverse network topology for Bitcoin was covered by…
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The Controversy of Coinbase’s Acquisition of Neutrino

Coinbase — one of the largest crypto exchanges — recently acquired blockchain and broader software surveillance company Neutrino in what has turned into a highly polarizing event. The addition of Neutrino has sparked a #DeleteCoinbase trend on Twitter that has garnered notable traction over the weekend. The controversy stems from directly from the company Neutrino…
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