13 Vital Marketing Tactics for a Successful NFT Project

To survive and be successful in the fast-paced and innovative world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrencies, you need to be active and always think ahead. 

This means building a defined marketing strategy for your brand to attract creators, reaching the target audience, lead generation, boosting sales, building brand experience, and improving customer satisfaction. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the best NFT marketing strategies you can employ to help ensure a successful NFT project. 

Bring Utility to Your NFT 

NFTs are an incredibly hot topic, with everyone wanting to capitalize on this trend. So, in order to stand out, you need to offer more than just a digital artwork or collectible. Your NFT needs to be packed with an additional utility if you want to attract the masses. 

NFTs can be used to offer specialized privileges, such as exclusive entry to a real-life event or access to future drops.

For instance, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT project has leveraged utility in the form of access to parties with celebrities and other apes. Phanta Bear is another NFT project that offers utility by allowing its owners to become members of the Ezek Club and use their NFT tickets to access VR/XR virtual concerts.

NFT Listings

To expand your audience reach, be sure to join NFT marketplaces, as they host diverse communities—including creators, art collectors, and investors. So, get your NFTs listed on popular NFT platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and LooksRare in order to get the liquidity, broad audience, and more potential buyers for your project. 

When choosing among the NFT marketplaces, consider the unique features offered by them, whether they can accommodate your NFT project, minting process, fees involved, blockchain support, and more.  

Make sure to also get your NFT release on the NFT calendar on these marketplaces. For this, you just have to fill out a form and provide details like your digital collectible title, information about the artist, the time and date of your release, the platform where your NFT drops, and links to the artwork.

In addition to marketplaces, you can also list your NFT on sites like Rarity.Tools or Howrare.Is, which will help buyers analyze your project. 

Build a Community

The best marketing platforms in the NFT space are Discord and Telegram, which help you build a community, educate them, keep them updated, engage in activities, share memes, and so much more. For this, you can hire a community manager to drive community building, sustainment, and growth. 

Twitter is another popular platform for getting the conversation started and reaching a much wider audience. Just focus on cultivating genuine relationships to build customer loyalty, which is the key for brands to thrive in highly competitive industries like crypto, where a new NFT project pops up every other day. 

Additionally, use social media platforms to share your thoughts and be involved with the community and the broader industry. All of these efforts will allow you to take charge of the narrative surrounding your project and prevent any spam promotions. 

Pursue Earned Media Opportunities

PR allows you to convey exact messages such as a product release, securing funding, or achieving a significant milestone. By leveraging popular and reputable local and global media publications, you can enhance the visibility of your project from potential big investors and increase your authenticity. 

Energent Media has the right tools, human resources, and experience to make your NFT project successful through a bespoke NFT public relations plan that will enable you to reach the right audience. Book a call with one of our Web3 and Blockchain PR experts to learn more.

NFT Airdrops & Giveaways

Airdrops are an essential element in the cryptocurrency world, which also extends to the NFT space. NFT airdrops can be used to attract attention, bring more people into the community, and as a way to reward early participants. You can also offer your NFTs at a discounted price to new and potential customers. 

Another way of promoting your project is through giveaways that require completing tasks such as following your project on Twitter or Facebook, retweeting, providing feedback, recommending their friends, etc. 

Reward your most staunch supporters with NFT exclusive features or collection naming rights to show that you appreciate them. 

Educational Content

While audiences love funny memes and lucrative airdrops, they also appreciate educational content that provides them more insight into your NFT project and the broad market. Here, you can create informative videos and deep dive into complex parts of NFT and blockchain technology in more straightforward terms to attract non-NFT audiences as well. 

Amidst all this, don’t forget to launch an attention-catching teaser of your NFT. It will get your community excited about the project.

AMA Session, for instance, is a great way to interact with your community one-to-one. It will enable you to share with them all that is going on with the project. These sessions can be done on Reddit, Telegram, YouTube, Discord, and Telegram. 

Influencer Marketing

In this type of online marketing, you collaborate with an online influencer to market your NFT project. This is because people are more likely to believe those they follow and have social influence than the firms promoting themselves. Here, you leverage the large following of the famous personalities in the NFT space. 

Influencer marketing is estimated to have grown to a market size of $9.7 billion in 2020, driven by the pandemic. 


The most organic way to market your NFT services is by collaborating with other businesses. Not only projects in your own sector, but you can also engage with multiple industries for events like music gigs, sports, art shows, etc. 

Besides firm, you can also collaborate with other artists to market the NFT project to their audience. You can also collect digital items from other artists to promote your NFT pieces by sharing them on your social media platforms and tagging the creator. 

There are many companies in the crypto space that send newsletters to their customers several times a week or month. You can also reach out to them and ask them to showcase your digital collectibles in their next release. 

Paid Advertisements

You can leverage platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, and Google for an active online presence and broader reach. Besides traditional platforms, use crypto-focused platforms, such as Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, LunarCrush, and Coinzilla. This, however, can be an expensive campaign. And before you choose a platform, understand its characteristics to determine the one that better suits your brand and content. 

Email Marketing

In order to stay in touch with your regular users as well as potential buyers and sponsors, email marketing can be effective. First, determine your target audience, then send relevant users newsletters, announcements, press releases, and other information to create trust and increase brand credibility. 

Besides sharing about the new product releases and other launches, you can also use this method to gain feedback. Just make sure that the content of your email is relevant and encourage receivers to take action, such as clicking on the given link.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For the best marketing online, you still need to adopt the right SEO practice, but it is not about just the right keywords. It includes various techniques and methods such as on-site SEO, off-site SEO, content marketing, link building, local SEO, etc. 

SEO will help boost the rank of your NFT project on SERPs. With Google continuously updating its algorithms, keep up to date with them.

Guest Posting & Blogging

To utilize this tactic, reach out to reputed websites with a big audience. This form of marketing can create buzz around your NFTs and help collectors and investors understand your project. Guess posting will further enhance the domain authority of your site.

Blogging is a great tactic to reach your prospective buyers at various stages of their buying journey. Not to mention, it’s been only in the last couple of years that NFTs exploded into popularity, so not many people know about this nascent technology. By taking advantage of this marketing strategy, you can provide valuable information about your project and help educate the audience. Blogs further help with Google ranking and getting traffic to your website. 

Energent Media also offers support with guest posts and blogging efforts. Click here to learn more about Energent Media’s services.


Push notification is another effective tool that directly reaches your customer. A roadmap replicating your project’s success and future potential can further help attract attention. Overall, the idea is to generate interest in your brand, create hype around your NFT project, and finally deliver on the promise.

That’s where public relations comes into the picture. After all, it is a crucial tool for making any business successful, especially for NFTs, which is still a new technology that needs a proper understanding of the market, which keeps growing fast. 

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