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We believe excellent content is the foundation for all PR campaigns and good communication. Energent = Energy + Content. 

Results > Retainers 

By crafting a good story and maintaining a professional image, we have had great success in having our previous clients’ projects featured on publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, and more. 

LinkedIn Marketing

We build LinkedIn thought leaders. With weekly posting and management grow your following and impact. 

Content Marketing / Guest Posting

Want help getting your content published on top sites? Want to be a regular contributor? Contact us. 


Blockchain PR Unit

Get featured on top publications. Message us, we can send example publication stories. We’ve worked with over 50+ Blockchain companies & dapps with building their online presence. 


We don’t believe in retainers. 
No long-term contracts.

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Highly selective with projects we take on to ensure we deliver RESULTS. 

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What Our Clients Say

Jennifer is responsive and knows how to deliver RESULTS!

I love working with Jennifer because she doesn’t need much information to deliver results. She can run with what we have and improve on the angles so that we can secure coverage.

She’s a true asset to any company and I’m glad to be working with her.

Steve Young
CEO @ AppMAsters

Jennifer Spencer is amazingly efficient and delivers results. Jennifer has consistently impressed me. She is the best public relations person I’ve ever worked with and I am excited to work together more in the future. Jennifer helped me secure coverage on several major podcasts. One of the podcast placements led to me being featured in Forbes. Truly incredible job.

Digital Marketing Manager, Avanan | Tech, Demand Gen, SaaS Products | Strategy w/ 50+ brands: BMW i Ventures & Girls Inc

Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with. She has great connections, works hard and comes in everyday with a plan. The advice and strategies that she has shared cannot be measured in money. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their brand recognition.


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Leadership Team

Guiding the way for your PR campaign

Jennifer Spencer


Danny Kirk

Head of Client Success and Operations

Hoang Nguyen

Public Relations Specialist 

John Elona

Creative Director

Marvin Dumont

Content Advisor and Specialist / Previously Editor

Brian Curran

 Content Specialist 

Dakota Nunley 

Social Media Expert 

Linda Wilson

Head of Finance 







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